Sunday, June 5, 2011

Why freezer cooking?

Yesterday I told you a little about our adventures in mass cooking. We did finish up what didn't get done Friday, although the "twice baked" potatoes became "throw them into two freezer bags" potatoes because the skins weren't holding up. That was probably completely user error - they were baked in two tries and then sat until they were cold - not just cool to touch - since Hubby was SAILing and I was garage SALEing all day. (I know, that was bad. I'm done now.)

Besides becoming my Nana, freezer cooking presented another kitchen hurdle that I could attempt to overcome. This from a girl who at one point could not make Jell-O or box mac n' cheese. Blink. Blink. Yes, let that one sink in a bit.

So I've come a long way. I feel more comfortable baking than cooking (my oatmeal cookie debacle notwithstanding) but necessity has made me try new recipes. Eventually, after a few hundred times I just dump things in without measuring and they taste pretty alright.

I hate to say it, but sometimes I actually... like cooking. So getting a ton of meals out of the way in one swoop is more like a "hey look what I can do" than eliminating a chore.

But if you want to talk about chores I HATE, then I could get even more on board with only doing them once a month. The consequences might be a bit extreme...

Once a Month Dusting - Oh, wait, I already do that... Shh, don't tell!

Once a Month Litter Box Cleaning - Tigger would run away or sprout opposable thumbs so he could do it himself. Hey, now that doesn't sound so bad!

Once a Month Dishes - As soon as somebody invents paper pots and pans that won't burn my house down, I'm all over that like white on rice.

Once a Month Laundry - I think I would need a washer and dryer the size of my kitchen to take care of my kids' and Hubby's dirty, smelly clothes. And we'd need a crapload more underwear. Yikes. Maybe not...

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