Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Menu plan ...Tuesday?

Is it really Tuesday? I think I was here Monday but I blinked and then it was an hour past my bedtime. That's been known to happen on the day we get back from a trip/community band board meeting day/a day I realize I haven't done any work in a while. It wasn't pretty.

And I kinda freaked when I realized that I needed to make a lot of dairy-free recipes for yours truly this month. Lucky I have some good friends who talked me down on Facebook and gave me good ideas.

So here we are a day late and a dollar short, but it is what it is...

Monday: Fend for yourselves, which meant mac n cheese and green beans for the monkeys, fried eggs and toast for me and whatever Hubby could find before band while I was in a meeting.

Tuesday: leftover enchiladas from the weekend

Wednesday: grilled flank steak with lime marinade (new)

Thursday: shrimp fried rice

Friday: on the road to the in-laws for my nephew's birthday

I have all of March on the calendar, so let's see if I can make a list and get to the store while the boy child is in school. I am cautiously optimistic...

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