Thursday, February 17, 2011

By the numbers

It's been 10 days since I posted. But I have good reason. There have been a few more numbers in my life lately.


That's how many hours Hubby, kiddos and I spent in the van driving to and from Colorado. Yes, we all survived.


That would be the mileage for said 36 hours, not counting driving up and down the front range and around Denver.


How many mini snack bags we went through, plus half a bag of teddy bear crackers and several cupfuls of fishy crackers.


Bags of trail mix for the adults. I may or may not have polished 2 of them off on my own. Allegedly.


juice boxes for the kiddos, both ways.


fast food lunches and dinners, again, both ways.


alleged rodent spotting at a certain royal fast food eatery in Iowa. Never. Again.


Feet Denver is above sea level.


Feet at the highest point we skied down at Loveland Ski Area. I Heart Colorado skiing. All limbs remained intact. Little man went through ski school and within about 5 minutes, asked if we could go skiing again. Oh yeah. When Leah weighs more than the ski boots, she'll be next in line.


Amazing friends that we visited. The kind that you pick up exactly where you left off, no matter how long it's been, and you are immensely sad when the goodbyes have to be said.


Night out because said friend's parents VOLUNTEERED to come over and watch the kiddos so we four could go out and have a meal like adults. Yes, they are a thousand different kinds of awesome. They brought toys and treats and let them play video games. Win-win for everyone.


Number of times I wheezed, sniffed, coughed, itched or otherwise cursed my allergies or sinuses. In a condo with 3 cats. Whuck?!

1 million bazillion.

Number of times I have wished we lived in Colorado since we got there a week ago. At least.

So if anyone wants to find Hubby a job there, I'm all over that like snow on a mountain.

Like this one. 

Or maybe this one.


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