Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lost treasures

While some may have thought I lost my sanity BEFORE our road trip to Colorado, I'm pretty sure it's gone now, along with a few other things:

One blue flashlight.  The red one made it home. Thank goodness my treasure hunters have not noticed we are down one. The next time they want to go for a rescue in the basement I'm gonna be in trouble.

Travel "Operation" game courtesy of a Burger King kid's meal. Again, ONE made it home. I'd say it's good we have two, except with two kids, two is almost a necessity. Unless I want to lose my hearing listening to them "share."

My cell phone charger. What makes it odd is that I remember throwing it in the suitcase to go out there, but never actually CHARGED my phone. I don't think. So unless our friends' cats have a texting habit they don't know about...

Travel aqua doodle pen, somewhere around Illinois on the return trip. At least that's when it got dark and was the last time I remember seeing it. Hubby was in charge of putting toys away, so I'm thinking the van ate it, ala the Sippy Cup Incident and Sippy Cup Part Dueax.

Daughter's desire to potty train/ability to pee IN the potty. We were all ready to break out the big girls and really start hard core training, but why go through all that knowing we were leaving for a week? Exactly. And I never knew little girls could a) pee standing up like a boy or b) shoot it halfway across the bathroom. I do now.

My tolerance of winter, if I had any to begin with. When in Colorado, we did as Coloradoans do and skied. It was awesome. It was really freaking windy at the top of the runs, but when you're a million (or 12,000) feet above sea level, it's understandable. And it was for one afternoon. The next day it was almost 60 degrees and we were shedding coats like it was going out of style. Coming home to a dreary muddy yard was not great, but now that it has been covered with about 6 inches of that fluffy white stuff, I'm about done. Mother Nature did NOT need to make up for all the snow that melted with one storm.

My marbles. Oh wait, those have been gone for awhile...

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