Friday, October 29, 2010

Mystery solved... sorta


OK, so I really shouldn't be excited about that, since it smelled horrid. When I rinsed it out, I threw up a little in my mouth. Really.

But apparently my friends were wrong about how long a sippy cup could contain the rancid milk smell. I should write Mythbusters or something. It's 3 weeks. To. The. Day.

I know the anticipation is killing you, so... I found it in my van this afternoon. I was carting my costumed kiddos home after making the rounds to friends' workplaces (and avoiding the hoards of trick or treaters mobbing downtown - yikes) when I smelled a smell. Yes, a smell.

Different than the basement smell - which still remains a mystery - but a very unpleasant smell nonetheless. I was pretty sure I knew what was to blame. So when I pulled in the garage, I left the doors open on the van to help it air out and started searching. AGAIN.

I say again because I SWEAR I checked the van when the cup first went MIA. And the first place I would've looked? Under the passenger seat, which is right in front of Leah's seat. Where EVERYTHING that she chucks ends up.

And when I surrender and can't find things that are hidden in plain sight, I call in the Hubby. He has long since given up getting mad at me when I lose stupid things, like my pajama pants or sunglasses that are sitting in the middle of the kitchen counter. It amuses him now. Like he really needs to TRY to find things to laugh at me about. So he shakes his head, looks in one place, finds whatever it is I have "lost" and goes about his day.

So when I finally admitted we were one sippy down, where did he tell me he looked? The van.

So there is no freaking way that we BOTH missed the darn thing under the seat, plain as day. I already know I'm crazy, so here are the possibilities I am left with: a) Hubby has also lost his marbles and we need to start attaching bells or alarms or something to any items we don't want to lose forever, like our children; b) he never actually looked in the van; or c) I have gremlins living in my garage that are having fun at my expense.

I'm not a betting woman, but I'll let you guess which of those answers is the most likely. Unless, of course, the gremlins like dog food...

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  1. that's hilarious! i'm glad you found it...i also proud that you actually washed it out rather than pitching it! hope the rest of your weekend goes better!!!