Tuesday, October 19, 2010

'tis the season.

I am incredibly jealous right now. There is a new Culver's and it is NOT in Goshen. Stinky Warsaw got one.

I hope that all of Warsaw appreciates the custard and french fries and butterburgers and cheese curds. That is one thing that I truly, truly miss about living in America's Dairyland. My week could revolve around the flavor of the day.

My best friend and I would have custard dates - we'd scan online to see which locations had the better flavors and meet for some catching up. She was working and I was still in school, so it was the best way we had to keep the friendship going. Our birthdays are two days apart, so on the day in the middle, we would go out to celebrate with, what else, custard.

My hands-down new fav flavor is Bananas Foster. On one of my visits to her house last year, she sent her hubby out on a mission to bring back custard for us. There were two locations nearby, but since the other flavor had mostly chocolate (darn allergy), we opted for Bananas Foster. It sounded OK.

Oh, it was so much more than just "OK." My mouth is watering just thinking about the banana and rummy caramel. I'm pretty sure we both licked the bottom of our bowls.

Hubby stopped at the new Culver's for dinner before band, and he saved me half of his cheese curds, another Wisconsin fav that sounds wierd but is just so, so good. Think little nuggets of fried cheese. Mmmm. And then after rehearsal, I topped of my stressful day with a little custard therapy with my favorite fall flavor: pumpkin. I went traditional with the Pumpkin Spice Shake, but the new pumpkin cheesecake concrete mixer has me intrigued.

So much for my 2-mile walk this morning. Oh well, custard is always worth it.

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