Sunday, October 24, 2010

Steeler Sunday

It's a good day.

I am curled up in the basement under my MU quilt with my favorite sport on TV: football. But not just ANY old football game, my Steelers.

When you grow up in the shadow of the Steel City, it's hard not to fall into the pattern of eating, sleeping and breathing Steelers. Sundays always revolve around football. Someday I'd love to actually GO to a game at Heinz Field. Definitely on my bucket list.

But now that I'm living in the middle of nowhere Indiana, the weeks I get to watch my team are few and far between. (Assuming we don't want to sell our first born to afford Sunday Ticket, which we got as a deal when we first signed up for satellite. Five years later, I still haven't adjusted to the disappointment of only being able to watch TWO games at once.)

And for once, the kiddos are not running around like crazy people, making me miss every other play. Ahhh.... quiet. :-)

Oh and the hubby is making dinner too. And a real meal too, not just frozen pizza. Like I said. it's a good day.

1 comment:

  1. Next year, return all the empties from the Fun Fest to a border town in Michigan. That might put the first dent into getting the Ticket. :)