Monday, October 11, 2010

The other woman

Well, it only took 6.5 years of marriage, but the hubby has found another woman. She's older, but looks really good for her age. She's gonna be demanding, and take up time and space in our garage and in his life. The kids are already crazy about her.

This, ladies, is my competition. A 40-year-old Sunfish sailboat.

Anyone who has met the hubby for more than five minutes knows he really, really wanted to be able to sail. He crewed for a summer out of Michigan City, but the drive and time difference were killing me, who was left at home with baby Nathaniel. He's filled in here and there on Lake Michigan and in Syracuse, but not enough to really soothe the itch.

I am not against sailing, but the last time I was in a sailboat with him, we capsized into Lake Michigan. Not exactly fun. He had to take care of the boat first, because technically it belonged to Marquette, and I was apparently fine to shiver on the rock wall until he had things under control. But that's another story for another day.

This summer he taught a friend's sister and brother-in-law what to do with the sailboat they had just bought and that tipped the scales. He was convinced he needed to get a boat big enough the whole family could go on. We took the kids out on a thank-you spin but I was so nervous because I hadn't duct taped them to their seats. I did not enjoy myself and I'm pretty sure that afternoon shaved five years off my life. Monkeys and a  sailboat do NOT mix. Nervous Momma + monkeys + sailboat = Heart attack!!

So I talked him down to something smaller that he could tool around in and MAYBE take me out too. In walks in The Competition. She was for sale on eBay and within driving distance. Older boat, but barely used and only had one owner. It was "small" enough it could be strapped to the roof of the van and "light" enough I could help him unload it.

Light my butt! He is currently researching trailers for The Competition since his weakling of a wife can't even hold her end of the dang thing, let along hoist it overhead.

Hubby is like a kid at Christmas. I'm pretty sure he's only thinking about two things and the other is his boat. Every conversation seems to come back around to her. It's amusing, for now...

For the record, I did willingly give my blessing. The moping that would have ensued if he hadn't even tried to bid would have been ridiculous. Don't even get me started on what would have happened if he LOST the auction. So glad no one else bid on it. My theory is hubby with a sailboat who disappears on the weekends will be happier than hubby with no sailboat who is stuck at home. I might even get a few more girls' nights out of the deal.

Maybe this other woman won't be so bad. ;-)

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