Monday, November 1, 2010

Hangover Monday

Mondays really bite. 

I wake up in the morning and survey the state of my house and my children and I feel like I woke up on somebody else's couch with a furry taste in my mouth.

Not that I've ever done that. It was usually my own couch.

This weekend we had "guests" and by that I mean people who don't normally live here but are still responsible for finding their own towels and food, as needed. And the final magnet ball game of the year. And trick or treating. But no, I wasn't on a bender. 

Yeah, today was particularly furry.

My kids were missing their playmates (my friends' 2 yr old and 9 mo old). It showed quite early.

This is how my day started, once I collected Leah from her room and heard Nathaniel holler from bed that he was awake (charming habit he's picked up from his little sister). He wandered down after about 10 minutes in a white and blue long sleeved shirt, blue and orange shorts and red and white train socks. 

N: Mommy, can you play with me?Me: Buddy, I'm pouring your apple juice. Can we get breakfast first?

After a bowl of dry Cheerios in front of 'toons. (Again, not my finest morning)

N: Mommy, can you play with me?
Me: What do you want to play?
N: I don't know. 
Me: Why don't you see if Leah wants to play with people? (Little People)
N: No.

Leah wanders over to the box of Little People and I think that maybe she'll entice him away so I can get laundry load 1 of 400 in the washer.

N: Leah, you want to play people with me?
L: No. Mommy people.


I did sit and play people. And tractors. And blocks. And Legos. And we watched 3 episodes of  "the food guy" (Good Eats) when my brain was starting to get mushy. Then thank goodness it was time for lunch and Sesame Street. Once Leah was napping, it was time for Mickey's Christmas Carol and Dinosaur Train. And more Legos. And more blocks.

Death by laundry? I believe it
And somewhere in there I washed 3 loads of clothes and dried them twice each (curse you craptastic dryer), folded two baskets, and made a dinner that I loathe but my family loves (Thank goodness for Chinese with the girls).

Once the princess woke up, she made quick work of my nerves. She stole the bathroom stool to vault over the side of the couch, opened up the 300-disc CD player twice, emptied one shelf of my bookcase and disassembled her potty chair. 

It was all I could do to keep from sprinting out the door when the Hubby got home. But now I have freshly painted toes and a belly full of sesame chicken.

So I'll be ready to start it all again tomorrow. 

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