Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A funny

What does this picture say to you?

To me, it's another example of the wild stories yet to come from my creative almost-4-year-old (I'm saying his new age over and over so as to try to wrap my brain around the fact he's getting so big).

One Saturday morning, when the little monsters who live in my house were up with the sun, Nathaniel decided to break out his sister from captivity (oh, how I'll rue the day she learns to open doors). But instead of stampeding into our room, they went into his room and played somewhat quietly. It was awesome. Hubby and I just lay in bed in semi-conscious state and enjoyed their little display of independence.

It was short-lived. Soon we could hear what we thought was the toilet lid slamming over and over. Time for some supervision.

Fast-forward to that night at bed. I notice Nathaniel's toothbrush had something extra. I asked him why he felt the need to put a toothbrush cover on his toothbrush.

He told us very mater-of-factly that if the window was open and a bug got in the house, it would fly into the bathroom and eat his toothbrush.

"So that why I did."

Blink. Wow. I had no words for that.

That meant that the slamming we heard was them rifling through the vanity drawers, which only have bath toys, old paint cards and one rogue travel toothbrush cover in them.

The second time through the story it was a ladybug. I thought maybe he took something from a story at school, so I asked his teacher about it. She had nothing! Well, they did talk about ladybugs, and how sometimes they got into the house, but she assured me there were no children's books about wild, rampant, tooth-brush eating ladybugs.

Maybe that should be the subject my first children's book, so mothers across the country can start the bedtime routine with this.

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  1. that's funny...and i like your toothbrush holder!!