Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Test pattern

I didn't blog last night. I meant to. I was thinking about it on my way home from band rehearsal, while enjoying a Culver's cone (Pumpkin Pecan - yum).

I came in the house, gratefully paid the babysitter and sat down to enjoy a little nerd TV with the hubby.

And that's when my mind went blank.

It was almost instantaneous. We both settled down with laptops in hand and as soon as mine started up, I was empty. Like the test patterns my mom claims she and her siblings used to watch on their "fancy, new-fangled TV." Yes, my family is that old.

Brain BK (Before Kids)
I've always been easily distracted (squirrel!!), but now that I have kids I am quite sure it's gotten worse. Is it because it takes higher brain function to balance children, housework, "real" work, and what remains of my social life? (HA!) Or is it because it takes so little brain power to wipe butts, noses and faces that my brain is slowly shriveling up from lack of use?

I got a Nintendo DS for Christmas 2 years ago and the Brain Age game. I got pretty good at it and actually had my brain "trained" to be younger than the calendar says I am. But then I had another baby. 'Nuff said. I still play other games occasionally, but Brain Age stays in the case. Honestly, I'm embarrassed to know what it would say.
Brain AK (After kids)

So the new strategy for staving off brain atrophy is to do the daily crossword puzzle. Sometimes I let Hubby help, but most of the time I can have almost the whole darn thing filled in before he even gets his paws on it. It helps that they use the same clues over and over, so I remember the weird ones.

The Sunday puzzle is the exception. I NEED help with that one. I think it's the size of the thing that just has me flustered. I can never find where the squares are fast enough and then I forget what clue I was even trying to answer. I'm still working on this Sunday's, and I handed it to Hubby last night for help. I'm not sure why I even tried to work on it with my empty-brain syndrome, but clearly I wasn't thinking on many levels.

"You didn't know this one? C'mon honey."

Gee thanks.

"You left me a lot of softballs."

Hear that thud? Self-esteem, hitting the floor.

"Who's Jacob's wife?"

Uh, if I knew, don't you think I would've filled it in? Look in my ear. I bet you see the answer there.

"I don't think this one is right. I'm gonna erase it."

You go right ahead, sweetie. You have to sleep sometime. Until then, I'll just enjoy the quiet humming in my head.

Hey! Squirrel!

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