Sunday, November 14, 2010

Queen of Procrastination

I have a problem. They say that's the first step to recovery. I think it's gonna take a little more than that for me. I'm a lazy, packrat, procrastinator. Deadly combo.

I'm feeling pretty good because I just completed a project that was approximately 4 years in the making. Now should it have taken me that long to get it finished? Since I had the actual work done in 10 minutes, I'm gonna say no.

I have been collecting keychains since high school. Back then, it was "cool" to have them hanging off all the zipper pulls on my backpack. (Cool is a relative term. I have never claimed to be cool.) I would pick up at least one on every trip and had family and friends bringing them back for me as well.

You could hear me coming I had so many clinking and clanking together. So I started getting soft keychains that I could wedge in between the others to try to deaden the noise. I have no idea why I didn't take them all off, but I'm guessing it had something to do with the fact it drove my grandmother crazy. I was a lovely teenager.

I did lighten my load for college because plastic clinking and clanking for a 10-block walk would have driven me up the wall very quickly. The extras got relegated to a gallon Ziploc bag. After college, I was stuck. Now what to do with my collection? I cleared the backpack and filled the bag. It was moved from dorm to apartment to apartment to apartment to apartment and finally to our house.

When we finished our basement and decided to make it fun and college colors ("It looks like Marquette threw up down here." Thanks Erika, that sums it up), we decided there should be a way to display my collection. We got really high-tech with it too - a cork board and some pins. So I picked out a bare spot on the wall and Hubby hung up the board for me.

And there it sat. I have no idea what happened. I get discouraged easily, and since the keychains, pins and board were in three different places in our house,  I decided it was too much work.

Yes, I am a lazy wuss. It comes and goes.

The last week or so I've been itchy. Call it winter blues, reverse nesting, pre-cabin fever, whatever. I've been through all of the kids' toys to weed out for the birthday/Christmas extravaganza, emptied out the black hole of crap that was my nightstand, cleared Leah's closet and room of spare clothes (big and small) so that she can't cover her floor in the first 30 seconds after she wakes up, taken 5 boxes of too-small clothes to the attic queue, put together and ordered Christmas cards and a lot more I'm sure I've forgotten.

(But my bathroom is still frightening. I think the hairballs in the corners are almost big enough to rise up and revolt. So sue me.)

So while I was on a roll today, I did the unthinkable. I found the three items needed for my keychain display and SAT DOWN AND PUT IT TOGETHER.

Here is the finished product.

I know. You're impressed. It's okay. I get that a lot.

I am sure there are newer keychains floating around the house that just got tossed in a drawer or gosh-only-knows-where, but at least now as I find them, all I have to find is the pins and a spot on my board.

Although, it is pretty full by now. Maybe I should just find another Ziploc and start storing for a second board.   Shouldn't take me too long, right?

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  1. hey...if you wanna hang more keychains i think i still have my random ones from highschool as well..and i don't think i'll ever have a place to hang them....i can share!