Thursday, November 11, 2010

His and Hers

We joke that Nathaniel is mine and Leah is Craig's. The last few days explains it better than I ever thought I could.

Mommy's boy does NOT like shots
Tuesday after school, I took the kids to the doctor for their flu shots. They have watched me get two allergy shots every week for the last year, so I really hoped it would desensitize them a little. Nathaniel wanted to know why we were going to the doctor and I don't lie to my children, so I told him.

"Oh I don't like shots."

That's an understatement. He started crying when we pulled into the parking lot, likely anticipating what was surely going to be excruciating pain that his mean old mommy was forcing upon him. He cried while I picked him up and held him still and moved to full-on wail after the shot was over.

Leah just looked at him like, "What is your deal?"

She flinched when her shot went into her little leg, said "Ow," and was done.

Nathaniel kept crying until we were halfway home and reminded me three more times that afternoon that he didn't like shots.

Thanks, dude. I remember.

Daddy's girl is pretty tough
This afternoon, Leah took a header off the top off the ladder to the swingset. After I scooped her up and checked that all her limbs worked, we went inside. She was still crying and had a death grip around my neck. After a few minutes of rocking and shushing, she pulled away from me. I was ready to get an ice pack for whatever she said hurt the most, get tylenol, call the doctor, another sane adult to talk me down, anyone!

"Hungry, Mommy, hungry." She rubbed her belly for emphasis.

"You want a snack?"


"Okay, let's get a snack."

She wolfed down a cereal bar and asked for more. I told her to wait a little while until Daddy got home for dinner. She was okay with that and went about her business.

Fall? What fall?

Oh that girl is gonna give me gray hair...

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