Monday, November 15, 2010

Cue the music

I'm starting to freak myself out with this whole "organized and semi-productive" thing. Like I've entered the Twilight Zone or something.

I really was okay with my house normally cluttered, nothing in the right place and a mountain of laundry in various stages in my laundry room. 

But after my last post, I admit I did sweep up the hair balls in the corners of our bathroom. I didn't clean the whole thing, but I did give it a lick and a promise. I felt guilty. I'm pretty sure my mom rolled over in her grave after I said that for the 10 people who read my blog all of cyberspace to see. My aunt probably heard about it and crossed herself. I'm a fallen Catholic, but the guilt still sticks.


This morning I made a grocery list AND a menu for the week. I'm not sure what came over me. Oh yes, I do. I realized it's concert week, which means my kiddos and I will be eating three dinners by ourselves. I can punt once a week and come up with something, but when it's that often, I kinda feel like I should still pretend to fix actual meals. So we eat things that Hubby doesn't like. My go-to is normally Rachael Ray's Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes (look up the recipe, they are AWESOME. No calories whatsoever, I swear). This week we're still gonna do mac n' cheese, but homemade with squash puree mixed in (shhh, that makes it healthier), fish sticks and coleslaw (so much for healthy) and mini meatball sandwiches.

Oh yeah, I rock. 


So we were at Wally World early this morning, grabbing up the essentials. I didn't need anything for tonight, so I was feeling pretty good. I had already planned to try a new recipe, Black Bean Soup, with some homemade cornbread. And I don't mean dry box o' mix. The real thing. 

So when dinner prep time rolls around, I go out to the pantry to grab up the five ingredients the soup needs.
Where was this guy when I needed him?
There. are. no. black. beans. in. my. PANTRY!!

Really?! How is it that my lazy butt cannot see when I am missing a crucial ingredient for whatever it is I'm gonna make?! This crap happens at least once a week.

Sigh. So I made Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti instead. Tomorrow I will go to the store for black beans and scary neon yogurt for Nathaniel, which we're almost out of too. 

I may have to double check my pantry first. 

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