Friday, March 4, 2011

Winter blues timewarp

You know that song "I Left My Heart in San Francisco"? Yeah, my version would be "I Left My Brain in Colorado."

I am all about beating the mid-winter blues by taking a vacation ANYWHERE. But timing is essential. Two years ago, we took a cruise in November, before the Holiday/Birthday Craziness. It was the best week EVER, but the following 3 months were straight from you-know-where. It's hard to come back to reality after that one.

So next time we do a winter vacay, it's gonna be in February again, I'm sure. But that doesn't make the weeks after any better. We've had 2 ski trips, 3 or 4 illnesses, lots of snow days and somebody turned our normal crazy up to 11. I'm about full up, thanks.

The result of all of our fun escapes is that I feel like I am eternally behind. I mean, I have two small children so I am always behind, but even more so now. Example? Monday is normally laundry day. I spend my morning shoveling clothes through the machines and by the afternoon, everything is through (or close to it). Then the clothes sit and sit and sit, until about Wednesday, when I start folding. Thursday we start digging for clean items from the pile. By Sunday I'm putting stuff away so I can have the baskets empty for laundry day. And we start the cycle all over again.

But today is Friday AND I AM JUST STARTING LAUNDRY. This is not good. This means I have to do my normal "shove 12 loads of clothes/towels/sheets/etc. into two craptastic machines in the shortest amount of time," but my folding and putting away time is totally screwed. I may have to actually do it... *gulp*!

Now that's just crazy talk.

Maybe I left my sanity in Colorado too...

...if I ever had it to begin with.

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  1. I see you also use the "Rudd Laundry Procastination" method. Aren't baskets the new drawers? Pretty sure I saw that in Better Homes and Gardens.