Monday, March 28, 2011

Plague 101

We might actually be out of the woods on the latest plague... until Hubby wakes up tomorrow feeling sick. That would be how we roll 'round here. He was aiming to catch it to play hooky from work today, so of course, h'ell get it after the fact.

Look Mommy, I made it just for you.
We've gone through a massive amount of "bless yous" (tissues) around here, mostly from my kids wiping one corner with snot and then presenting the square to me. Like I'm gonna save them all? Right.

Nathaniel may have actually learned how to blow his nose. Yes, I understand he's 4. But really, how do you teach some one to blow their nose? Clearly I don't know. It took dumb luck and the most annoying cold that stuffed up his sinuses so much he couldn't swallow, but he figured it out.

I forgot how much fun it is to yell "Cover your mouth" every 30 seconds when someone coughs. Nathaniel was pretty well trained before last winter's parade of diseases, so now it's Little Miss's turn. Luckily she catches on a lot faster than her brother did. She's catching every other cough with the back of her hand. Victory! Now when do I stop yelling?

And of course the most important thing I learned is that Mommy is in fact not immune to the plague.

When I had to surrender the reins last week to Hubby, I also remembered why it's sometimes nice he goes to work every morning. He had to make lunches and do all of the things that I normally do... which meant the next day, I couldn't open the peanut butter or jelly jars. Sure, I keep him around to open tight lids, but really, when he's not here, there are a lot fewer tight lids.  

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