Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Basketball fever

It's that time of year again - March Madness.

When you got to a college with no football team (Marquette Football - undefeated since 1963), basketball is a Big Deal. Add to that I was am a band geek and this time of year brings back memories of long bus rides to conference tournaments and hoping and praying for a trip to the NCAA tourney.

My senior year was 2003, when Marquette made a miraculous run to the Final Four in New Orleans with Dwyane Wade. And I was there... when we got absolutely shellacked by Kansas (...I F-ing HATE Kansas...) and the band got unused tickets to the championship game to watch Carmelo Anthony and Syracuse whoop some Jayhawk behind.

But man was it a fun ride. We took out Holy Cross, Missouri, Pittsburgh and Kentucky to get there.

This year we'll be lucky to see our team make the tournament. By some fluke, MU beat Providence last night in the Big East tourney to match up against my hometown sentimental favorite West Virginia tonight. Here's hoping they can hand Huggy Bear a defeat.

Ring out ahoya!


  1. I don't understand what some of this means (Huggy Bear? ahoya?) F-ing? I get that one. :)

  2. Huggy Bear = Bob Huggins, coach at WVU
    Ahoya = No idea. But it's part of Marquette's fight song: Ring out ahoya with an MU rah-rah...

    Now you know. :-)