Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Scaredey Cat

I tortured my oldest child this evening. I made him watch a movie. Not a DVD with 4 Diego or Backyardigans episodes, an actual-honest-to-goodness full-length animated movie. 

I'm happy to report he survived. When asked what he thought about Disney's "Robin Hood"? 

"It was kinda little bit good."

Don't hold back, kid, tell me how you really feel. 

We've tried cartoon movie after cartoon movie, only to have him declare 15-30 minutes in that it's too scary and he doesn't want to watch it anymore.

I would get that if I subjected him to the same Disney movies Hubby and I grew up on. Looking back, some of those movies were pretty heavy stuff. Uh, hello evil witches/villains? Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty... Think about it. How many of them start out with death? Yikes. "Alice in Wonderland" still gives me the creeps.
Seriously. She looks like she eats
children for breakfast. Oh wait, that
was Hansel and Gretel. 
And it isn't just the oldies - I tried to get him to watch "Finding Nemo" a few times and ended up skipping through half the movie because it was too much. 

For more than half of his little 4-year-old life, the only full-length animated feature that passed muster was "Cars." I was a little worried that Frank the Combine might freak him out, but since he's loved tractors and combines for longer than he could SAY the words, it was no biggie.

And as movies go, he could have latched onto a more annoying one. Who doesn't love Mater/Larry the Cable Guy? "I don't care who you are, that's funny right there..." I can recite more lines than I'd care to admit and my character voices for when we read the Cars books are dead on.

On a side note, Nathaniel saw a trailer for "Cars 2" and my darling, lovely Hubby told him we would take him to see it. But that is in JUNE. It is now MARCH. This is a kid that has no concept of time, so if you tell him to stay in his room for 10 minutes, he counters with "No, 1 hour." Doh. It's gonna be a long, long, long 3+ months.

I tried not to worry about it, really. I figured, like everything, he would come around in his own time. But this past weekend, while his "baby" sister and I were staying home with her mysterious disappearing-reappearing stomach bug, I turned to "Monsters Inc.," to pass the morning. He had declared it too scary on numerous occasions.

She loved it. Of course. She crawled in my lap when it got a little scary, but there were no tears, no pleas to turn it off, nothing. She was quite proud to tell Daddy and Brother what we watched while they were running errands. I thought maybe that would push his buttons.

Nathaniel hasn't fallen victim to sibling pressure yet, because he made sure to tell me he didn't like that movie. So much for that plan. 

Fast forward to tonight. Hubby was gone for dinner, so what else to do with two kids who got a taste of the out-of-doors and were wired as all get-out? PJ 'em up and turn on a movie. We sat together under blankets with some of the lights off. When he didn't like a part, he didn't cry or even ask me to turn it off. He simply picked up his giraffe and put it in front of his eyes. 

There is hope for him yet.

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