Saturday, July 24, 2010


Today was one of those days that I'd like to just bottle up and hold onto forever. Put it up on a shelf and bring it out when I get frustrated, down, or otherwise blue. And most of all, I wish that my kids will remember days like today and smile.

It wasn't anything exciting or overly special - it was a family picnic at the hubby's aunt and uncle's house. Four kids under 4, lots of hot adults and a swimming pool; No better way to spend a summer Saturday.

Nathaniel spent all but maybe an hour in the pool, jumping, splashing, noodling and swimming on his own! OK, he had a vest, but for a kid who's only had 3 swim lessons and normally yells "I can't do it! Help! Help! Swim with me Mommy!" - I'll take it.

Little miss Leah was her normal daredevil self, catching quite a few adults off guard when she walked down the steps and jumped straight in, no life vest. Eek. Girl's gonna give me gray hair. Oh to find a good float thing in her size...

There were fun presents for my poor winter babies' half birthdays, a spur-of-the-moment trip to Wally World for a new grill for the grillmaster's early birthday present, tons of food and even better, lots of laughing.

There's not bottle to put on my shelf, but there are always photos and lots of stories. And time to have more perfect summer days.

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