Monday, July 26, 2010


This is what everyone else in my house is doing right now. We've had a long few days. Well, except the cat. He's kinda peeved we left him behind so he's taking this opportunity to try to scatter the kids' new toys to all corners of the living room. I called that one.

But I digress.

I should be sleeping. In my nice, comfy, warm, soft bed. Instead, I uploaded photos from the weekend, edited and posted them. Someday I'll figure out how to really use Photoshop so I look like I know what I'm doing. But not tonight. Probably not tomorrow either. There's a scary amount of laundry and cleaning waiting for me.

And for the record, Nathaniel is over his sleeping on the floor phase, except for the rare nap. He's in bed. His baby sister is in bed. The dog had a rough weekend at the kennel. She's in bed.

Cat is waiting for me to go to bed so he can sleep on my pillow and hog it. Guess I better accommodate him.

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