Monday, December 13, 2010


If only it weren't so gosh-darn-cold...

...I would not be close to wearing two layers to sleep and defying the Hubby by putting flannel sheets on our bed.

...I would insist my family become nudists because I am really, really sick of laundry.

...I would go outside to investigate the dryer vent to see why I feel a blast of cold air every time I open my dryer.
I can't put my arms down!

...I would not preheat my side of the bed with a heating pad.

...I would send my wild monkeys outside to run off some of their energy. But the amount of clothing they would need to survive the elements makes Leah look like a little purple Stay Puft Marshmallow girl. And the drifts next to the house are up to Nathaniel's knees. But I can still see grass in the middle of the yard.

...I would not drink my body volume in coffee and chai throughout the day to stave off hypothermia.

...I would take my new toy (iPod) outside to calibrate the nifty Nike app on a run. HA HA! Okay, maybe a walk. A stroll. A mosey down the street.

OK, well, the rest of those things are true.

Dreaming of a white Christmas and a 75 degree and sunny Dec. 26.

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