Friday, December 10, 2010

But I shy!

I had to check my phone when I dropped my FOUR year old at preschool yesterday to make sure I had the right day. An unfamiliar teacher walked out to the first car in line. I've been a little scattered lately, but really? Would I try to take him to school on the wrong DAY? That would be a new low.

After my dear phone told me it was in fact Thursday, I saw his second (normal) teacher come out to greet the kiddos too. Whew. My phone and I were not losing it.

Nathaniel was less than excited to have this new person. See, my boy, he fears change.

"I going to be shy to her." He informed me.

When I passed that information along, his second teacher laughed.

"Oh that's okay, I'm here. You can be shy to her, she won't mind."

That is why his teachers are awesome. They think he is hilarious and know that in his heart, he doesn't want to be shy.

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