Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No good can come from this...

I got a little bit of Christmas early yesterday. I mean, it was half Christmas, half "thanks for letting me buy a sailboat, honey." 

I now have an iPod touch. 

I feel like I've jumped several levels of the dark side to the REALLY dark side, since I am going from unlimited texting with my full keyboard phone (which Hubby gave me grief about) to app-mania and every addicting Internet device at my fingertips.

See, we don't want to bite the bullet and get Crackberries (or their equivalent) because we're cheap and don't want to fork over more money for a data plan. I'm home a lot, where we have wireless, and if McDonald's has free Wi-Fi, the rest of the world isn't far behind. I talked to a friend who was raving about her iTouch, and when she told me she download iBooks, I was sold. Books, Facebook, games, other random useless crap that seems really cool at the time - what's not to love? Oh and it plays music too, right?

iPhones aren't options because a) I live in a cornfield and AT&T service bites and b) Hubby is morally and ethically against Apple. I have no idea how I convinced him I "needed" one. My guess? He's really happy I green-lighted the boat, people.

Now I just have to figure out how to use the darn thing. I'd like to do so without handing it over to my enginerd hubby every 30 seconds, but considering how electronically-challenged I am, that's not bloody likely. My 4-year-old has better luck operating the DVD player than I do. 

So I had the thing for about 8 hours and what did I do? Blogged while Hubby tried to figure out what happened to the free apps I thought I downloaded. 

Yeah, this is gonna take some time...

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