Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pity party

I had a chance for a mom's night out tonight. It has been on my calendar for weeks and I was excited to get ready for sandal season with a pedicure.

This was all before the evil weather people call for SNOW last weekend and I felt like I had secretly been transported to Alaska without my knowledge. I saw the sun today, so I'm almost over that. Almost.

I had been warning Hubby for weeks, so he couldn't claim ignorance when I would say he was in charge of feeding and then putting our darlings to bed. Then I checked my work schedule, which is not so much a schedule, just requires me to know when the local school board is meeting. Apparently spring break week messed with their normal schedule.

Mom's Night Out FAIL.

So I got to go to work. And stop at Walmart with the Thursday night crazies who are in no hurry to be anywhere besides Walmart. To come home and work some more. I had no choice but to break into the stash of jelly beans to keep my blood sugar up. Now that I've gorged myself on Sarris', I need to fold two more loads of laundry.

Oh and I can't breathe very well. The Weather Channel's web site went from high pollen to very high pollen, and I was out with the kids for 20 minutes while Hubby started cutting grass.

And I spent $70 to put gas in the van. She was just almost on E, so apparently it coulda been worse.

Ya, today rocks.

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