Thursday, April 28, 2011

Post-Easter Fun

There is a gallon bag of Easter candy mocking me from the kitchen counter.

So what, you say. I have an even larger pile in my kitchen calling my name.

I would gladly trade you dilemmas.

You see, it's not just that I don't need all the added sugar or calories. I mean, I don't. My jeans have some wiggle room and it'd be nice to keep it that way.

It's what happens AFTER I eat the candy and before that last button won't close.

The hives.


No woman should be allergic to chocolate. Talk about cruel and unusual...

I'm not going to go into anaphylactic shock or anything, so I push the envelope. Chocolate chip cookies won't do me in. But it's the fact that I've had a few chocolate covered pretzels today. I may have swiped a mini Twix.

And I got my allergy shots today.

And now my lips are a little itchy.

Normally I can blame the cat, but I'm pretty sure he's been asleep on our bed since after dinner. Our paths have not crossed.

It's the Easter candy.

Luckily when the pretzels are gone, we'll be down to stuff I'm not as crazy about. Which means less temptation. Sorry, I'm just not going to risk a red, itchy mess all over my legs and arms for some regular M&Ms... now peanut or peanut butter, that's a different story.

But I'm giving the kids a week to whittle down the gallon bag and then it's getting shipped off to Hubby's work, which is hopefully far enough away that I can't hear the chocolate calling my name.

I'll wear earplugs just in case.

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