Monday, September 20, 2010

The greatest breakfast ever

My birthday was awesome - trip to Chicago without the kids, a Dave-sighting before the concert and sleeping late in a super-comfy hotel bed.

The concert was great. I think I missed some of the older favs (that he played Friday - oh, to have gone to both?! I know, gift horse and all), but I heard hands down the most kick-a$$ version of "Two Step" EVER. The sax player who has taken over for LeRoi Moore was AWESOME. I had my doubts, but he proved himself.

And the band played "Christmas Song," which I love. Dave started "Jimi Thing" and let the stadium sing without him until the second time through the chorus. It was hilarious. No "Where Are You Going" but the crowd was really too pumped for that. I'll just have to catch that next time.

I really need to go see him more often than every 10 years.

But really, the best part of the weekend? Eating. No, not just eating. Eating a nice, peaceful meal where I didn't have to cut anyone else's food, referee any fights, discourage sound effects or cajole anyone into eating.

I love my children dearly, but man, do I miss that.

With all of the Magnificent Mile at our disposal, I settled on what I would have picked if we were in any big city - PF Changs. Call me boring, but yu-um. Boring is delicious then. I pieced together my meal from their appetizer menu - lettuce wraps, spring rolls, dumplings and spare ribs (It wasn't all for me - Craig did help in addition to feeding his need for Dan Dan Noodles).

We slept in (aahhh...hotel bed) and grabbed a late breakfast at the Grand Lux Cafe on Michigan Ave. I am not a big breakfast fan. I need to be in the mood for eggs and meat (blech) in the morning and that rarely happens. I am usually content with coffee, yogurt and the occasional bowl of cereal. But an egg dish on the menu grabbed my attention - Tuscan Farm House Eggs.

What? You say.

Scrambled egg whites and bruschetta over toast. Sounds simple and a little different. O.M.G. It was so good!!

The smell was enough to start me drooling. The hash browns were not necessary. They were just taking up space on the plate. And would have taken up precious space in my stomach that could have been filled with tomato-ey, garlicky deliciousness.

Craig seriously rethought his decision for a waffle, eggs and hash browns.

I was nice. I let him have a bite. One.

If had reached for more, I might have stabbed him with my fork. Maybe. It was that good.

You better bet I'm gonna be trying to recreate THAT in my kitchen. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I better stop before I short out the keyboard.

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