Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sugar overload

Once again, I am grateful my children usually save the really, really good tantrums for me.

Nathaniel is asleep, I hope. He's finally quiet, an hour after bedtime. In an ideal world, he is in his "Daddy is my Hero" PJs, nicely tucked under his covers, his giraffe under one arm.

There is a very good chance he is on his floor and only wearing a pull-up.

No nap + no dinner + bounce house + birthday cake = very, very tired, very very cranky 3-year-old.

But he was very well behaved at the party and didn't pitch a fit when it was time to leave. He actually spoke to other adults (sorta) and shared reasonably well.

So like I said, I'm glad he saves the best for me.

Now it's time for a dose of college football before I collapse in a heap on my nice, comfy bed.

"You Might Die Trying" from Stand Up

To change the world start with one small step
However small the first step is the hardest of all

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