Thursday, September 23, 2010

John Deere-ification

I may have mentioned my lack of country background. My Nana hails from the hills of West Virginia, but that's as close as I have gotten.

Now, I think my bestie's hubby has made it his mission to make me the butt of his city/country jokes and try to John Deere-ify me.

Like this.

Amazingly enough, my van did NOT come from the dealer with that attractive PINK John Deere license plate.

See, last spring my bestie got a new truck. Her new one didn't have a plate holder on the front bumper. So there's this lonely license plate, crying in their garage. After seeing my empty front plate, Farmer Boy decided to take matters into his own hands. 

So while I was in their garage helping with a garage sale (and getting my SIL to buy up a ton o' baby boy clothes), my van was parked pointed away, closer to their barn and shop. So Farmer Boy snuck into the garage, got the plate while we weren't paying attention and went about his day. He grabbed the neccessary tools and put the plate on my van, with my little man watching him THE WHOLE TIME. Farmer Boy told him he was making my van pretty. Little Dude was okay with that and failed to mention that to me. Bestie had no clue until after. Darn good thing, too.

That NIGHT, the hubby comes into the house ranting about somebody punking my van. I'm thinking, when could it have possibly been vandalized?! I'm panicking. He starts laughing and tells me to go out and look at the front. 

I. Could. Not. Be. Lieve it! Punk got me GOOD. But there's no way I was gonna figure out how to get it off, so 6 months later, there it sits. Now I can spot my van from a mile away in a minivan-riddled parking lot. Not always a bad thing.

But as loud and proud as that is, that was the only JD gear I had. I have a nice company T-shirt (also pink. sigh), but even though the combine is green, technically doesn't say John Deere. But I just had a birthday.

Here's what my bestie got me. She has a matching mug. I think the John Deere-ification is inevitable. Resistance is futile.

What's next? Pink and green overalls??

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  1. Too cute!!! I've seen your van a couple times the past couple months and I haven't noticed the plate.