Thursday, January 20, 2011

Knock on wood

A strange thing keeps happening in my house. It's been going on off and on for a few weeks now and I'm afraid to talk about it, lest it stop.

So, here goes.

My children are playing. Playing together. In another room. Without Mommy. And without (mostly) destroying things.

Insert heavenly music - aaaahhhh!!!

This is what Hubby and I hoped for when we decided to shoot for a 2-year age difference. Kid A would not remember life before Kid B and Kid B would think Kid A was the coolest big sib ever. And they would entertain each other and stay out of my hair for at least 5 minutes.

So far, it's working.

Today, they're having a "'tend" sleepover in Leah's room, which means they got into their closets, pulled out their "Going to Granny's" sleeping bags and are camped out on her floor. They've come downstairs for drinks of water and a quick snack, but then went right back up. I can hear giggling, which means Nathaniel is making his little sister laugh hysterically by saying very deep, comical things like "stinky socks have apples pumpkin."

Thanks to his buddy at school, "punkin" is hilarious. I have no idea why.

But as long as it stays upstairs, I don't care.

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