Monday, January 31, 2011

He said wha??

I need to carry a tape recorder or a notebook with me, because I cannot remember all the crazy things that my kids say. And 9 times out of 10, they should be remembered.

That 1 time that I'd rather forget was when my darling boy - who had all of 10 words at the time - decided to repeat Mommy's favorite "aw crap" phrase. Let's just say you're more likely to hear "goshdarnit" around these parts now.

(My other favorite that I self-censored well before it was repeated? Son of a biscuit. Try it. It's awesome. Caught Hubby using it the other day. I'm a trend setter like that.)

There's the truly crazy stuff that Nathaniel picks up at school that of course makes no sense to me because I am not 4: like "applesauce tomato punkin."

Today, he started laughing at me for gosh only knows what and said "Mom, you're making me kiddin'"

Uh... dude... oh, never mind.

He got mad at Daddy the other day: "Dad, you're making me 'diculus." We had friends over at the time and one about spit water halfway across the room. 'Cause it doesn't really SOUND like the back part of "ridiculous."


Little girl doesn't like to be left out. When I ran out of the house like it was on fire went to get my hair cut ALONE, Daddy gave me text updates of what our darlings were up to. I got several photos of my precious OCD-trainee lining the living room floor with Tupperware lids, three lids wide until she ran out.

Hubby asked her what she was making.



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  1. Kids are funny. That's why I keep mine around. :)