Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Wii bit of exercise

Other than dragging my children to the doctor and getting the snot scared out of me, I accomplished virtually nothing yesterday. That's what happens when those doctors with their stethoscopes and white socks with dress pants start throwing big words like "big" and "thyroid" at me.

The nerve.

And if I wasn't on edge enough, my boy child was limping around the house like his 94-year-old great-grandmother wailing that his shots hurt.

I consumed A LOT of coffee yesterday.

But once my children were asleep in a rare dual afternoon nap, I had the choice of attacking the laundry monster threatening to permanently bar entrance to the laundry room, gathering MORE of said laundry scattered around the house, cleaning mountains of lost Christmas toys or heading to the basement for a little me time.

I won. Big time. I know, shocked, aren't you?

Now that Hubby has finished his master's, we finally got a Wii as our family Christmas gift. Santa Hubby brought me a Wii Fit because I need SOMETHING to kick my butt and motivate me to do more than collect dust on our couch in the winter.

The little cartoon balance board keeps telling me my Wii Fit age is 40 because I don't have any balance or coordination and never have (Sorry Aunt Carol, those five years of dance lessons were NOT gonna save my clumsy butt).

I did feel a little better and not quite as cold after a little yoga and stretching. And as soon as I finished my 30 minutes, I heard Leah hollering for Momma.

And that was it. Back to worrying and watching a hobbling preschooler. At least I got that.

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