Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Church league softball fail

I was all ready to come home and write about Hubby's first experience playing church league softball.

Yes, I said Church. League. Softball. And not just a bunch of old dudes moseying around the bases. This is hard-core stuff. And lucky for him, he only has to be a "member" of the church. I couldn't even tell you what denomination we are supposed to be. 

But sshhh, don't tell.

You see, I thought a) it was too cold to watch the game and b) that it was early enough Hubby would be home before the monkeys went to bed, so not worth it, right? Well it was cold, and it was an hour later than we thought, so instead of taking them home after a worthwhile trip to the library (ie no books with typos), I grabbed some warm clothes on my way past the house and went on down to where Hubby works to meet him for dinner before the game.

Clearly I was not in my right mind. I didn't even get frozen custard out of the deal. Boo.

I should have learned from my cold experience at the preschool picnic this morning and said "No." Enjoyed our new library books, mac n cheese for dinner and maybe even some movie snuggle time. But they miss Daddy.

I am a sucker.

I threatened that if they didn't listen, we would go home. Okay, Mommy, we got it, they told me. Bah.

I gave them quite a few warnings before the game even started. I was pretty much on my last nerve when Leah tumbled off the front of the bleachers. She was fine, swore she would sit, but five minutes later was jumping, crawling, giggling... just being two. When she asked to go to the bathroom in the bottom of the first, I sighed, but took her, because she's been a trooper about staying dry and has an odd affinity for pooing in public places.

Long story short, that trip was uneventful, but the next five minutes sitting in the stands was. Mommy was DONE. I told them we were leaving, and both of them howled the long, five minute walk to the van. Hubby said he could hear them (mostly Nathaniel) all the way to the car. I got to hear him halfway home too, until he passed out.

So I have no idea if there were any brawls on the mound, or other un-Christian-like behavior, like Tim Wilson says...

Bummer. Maybe next time.

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