Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Groundhog Day

I felt like I got a lot done today. Not sure what I have to show for it though.

There are still 3 baskets of clothes to fold, 2 light bulbs out in the kitchen, a mountain of toys in the living room and the Wii has been yelling at me for being a slacker.

Like the groaning every time I step on wasn't enough.

But I feel like we're stuck in an eternal weather Groundhog Day. It has been gray, windy, rainy and cold forever. Literally forever. I counted the days and I am excellent at math.


I'm gonna blame my Nana for this one. She has always had better days when the sun is shining, like I need the Vitamin E for my brain to function properly. With her crazy genes, I will live until I'm 100 but you better keep me somewhere sunny.
Sure he's smiling. He's been hiding
out at the beach for 6 months

And my allergies have been giving me heck. I feel like somebody has a belt wrapped around my lungs, just on the next to last hole so I can just almost get a full breath. So every once in awhile I'm gasping like a freaking goldfish and digging for the inhaler.

That tends to make me cranky. I know, I know, I like to BREATHE. So sue me.

But those things have been making me cranky for awhile now. So I feel like every day I'm griping about the weather, the cold, my weak-a$$ed lungs, and the fact that my family likes to wear clean clothes that have been folded every now and then.

Just call me Phil.

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