Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Top Ten - Indy 500 edition

Memorial Day weekend is my favorite and yet one of the most exhausting of the summer. We end up running around, sweating, eating and drinking a lot, and come home after 4 days more tired than when I left.

But in all that mess, Hubby and I get to go to "The greatest spectacle in all of racing." And now that we have two little race car lovers-in-training, we get to take Nathaniel to the track for the last day of practice (Carb Day) and for the Indy Lights race. So that means TWO days at the track, with lots of family time sandwiched in between.

Top Ten Things I Learned Over Memorial Day Weekend

10.) If I ever want a jacket on a road trip, I must put it in the car MYSELF. Despite the fact that a jacket was ON TOP of the pile of bags to be put in the car, SOMEONE still missed it.

9.) It is possible to forget more things than you pack.

8.)  If you don't actually have to catch anything to be good at fishing, I. Am. Awesome.

7.) When you only have one long-sleeved anything, you will drop burger juice on the front of it within 5 seconds. Boobstain fail.

6.) My 4-year-old knows who Danica Patrick is, what number her car is and what color too. But really, I think it has nothing to do with the Go Daddy commercials and everything to do with the fact he thinks Patrick from Spongebob is driving it. Let's hope that innocence lasts a long time...

5.) Elizabeth loves Tony Konan and she felt the need to write it on a bathroom stall. She also needs to learn to spell.

4.) The crowd at Carb Day is in training to be Parrotheads. The only time I have seen more drunk people in one place at one time was at a Jimmy Buffett concert. And that was when a woman got stuck trying to go through a turnstile WITH Hubby. Ah, good times...

3.) I am probably the only one of my friends (of a similar age) who can sing "Back Home Again in Indiana." I am that cool. And I <3 Jim Nabors.

2.) Pit stop competitions are really cool.

1.) There's a reason they call them "rookie mistakes." Sorry, JR.

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