Wednesday, August 18, 2010

30 Days of Dave

For my birthday this year, Craig is my favorite person. OK, normally he IS my favorite person everyday, if we have to get all technical and sappy here, but this year is different. We have 2 tickets to see one of my favorite bands EVER, Dave Matthews Band, at Wrigley Field ON my birthday.

My second favorite person this year will be my community band buddy Jen, who offered to bring her hubby over and watch our kids overnight. She says her hubby has the baby bug and she's trying to put the brakes on. Hey, I don't care the motive. She's awesome.

In honor of the bestest birthday present coming my way in a month, I am going to add a favorite Dave Matthews Band lyric quote to my page every day. It will be a mostly random list, but I do have one ultimate fav that I will save until the day before.

So for Day 1 I start with the first song I remember hearing on MTV (yes, when they used to play MUSIC) "What Would You Say."

Rip away the tears
Drink a hope to happy years
And you may find
A lifetime's passed you by

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