Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big Girl Bed

Pray for my sanity folks. I don't have much of it left and I'm afraid tonight's events might do me in.

Leah is in a toddler bed.

Yes, my baby girl is 19 months and in her very own bed. My baby girl who has loving nicknames like Monkey Girl and Godzilla is unrestrained in her bedroom.

I'm gonna need A LOT of high shelves.

We had been talking about moving her out of the crib when she tried to climb out. Man, she got close.

We talked about putting her in Nathaniel's room, but the logistics of a barely-potty trained 3-year-old with a crazed 18-month-old changed our minds in mere seconds.

She spent the weekend in a pack n' play in big brother's room so a friend and her daughter could use the room and crib. When Leah spied the twin mattress Jen had slept on, she yelled "mine," laid down on it, and said "shhh!"

She's too darn cute to refuse.

When I put her in her crib that night, she kicked and screamed, which she rarely does.

She was done with that crib stuff.

And really, I get to the point where I'm tired of talking and ready to just do. So when I told the hubby a simple bed would not, in fact, break the bank, off we went to Target after dinner. Leah picked out a comforter with kitties and puppies on it and talked to it the entire time we were in the store. She hugged the package while Daddy assembled the bed. The sheets are bright pink but I guess I'll deal with that.

Just like I'll deal with little eyes peeking out from behind her door when she's supposed to be in bed. And the little feet running back to bed when she hears me coming. And the dresser drawers she will surely open and empty when left to her own devices for too long.

And the fact that my little baby isn't a baby anymore. Who let that happen?

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  1. awww! When they are ready, the definitely let you know! Way to go Leah! I bet she's thrilled.