Monday, August 23, 2010

Mondays should be illegal

Today started off with a bang. Or a blech. And a yell or 20.

Leah woke up first so I got her juice and got ready to start the morning. While I was still putzing, she came over and asked for more. She can chug a sippy cup like a champ, so I didn't think anything of it. Poured her a little more and changed her diaper. She started fussing at me and then stood up and reached for me with an odd look on her face. I should have recognized the look from Nathaniel, but she caught me off guard. Next thing I knew, we were both wearing juice and "other stuff." Yuck.

Figuring she had just drank too much too fast (the 3 bowls of Cheerios she asked for afterward were a big indicator), we went to our last gymnastics class.

Nathaniel decided he wasn't in the mood to cooperate. He didn't want to listen to the teacher so I finally sent him to the parent chairs to sit down. When it came time for all the kids to get stickers, I called him over to avoid a meltdown.

Nice try, Ma.

He wouldn't look at the teacher or answer when she and I both asked if he wanted a sticker. So no sticker. He realized his mistake too late and screamed the entire way out of the Y, to the car, and 90% of the 30 min drive home. About 3 miles from home, he decided take off his seatbelt. I pulled to the side of the road, re-buckled him and bit my tongue until we pulled in the driveway.

Oh yeah. Fabulous start to the week. :-P But at least my little princess made me smile. She is loving gymnastics and has learned to say Elmo, among a zillion other words. The only downside? Eventually she will be 3 and ornery like her brother.

But man, I hope not.

"Lover Lay Down" from Under the Table and Dreaming

Spring sweet rhythm dance in my head
Slip into my lover's hands
Kiss me won't you kiss me now
And sleep I would inside your mouth
Don't be us too shy
Knowing it's no big surprise
That I will wait for you
I will wait for no one but you


  1. whoever coined "terrible twos" was gravely mistaken. :/

  2. Yeah, I've heard 3 is the new 2 and I totally believe it.