Thursday, August 19, 2010

I am a dork

I DMB-ed out my phone. So everytime I get a text, I hear "Grace is Gone" which happens to have an awesome line:

"Excuse me please, one more drink. Could you make it strong? 'Cause I don't need to think. She broke my heart. My Grace is gone. One more drink and I'll move on."

For the rare time that somebody calls me, I hear the intro to "Ants Marching." The lyrics aren't as important to me as the music is in that song. When I was in high school, I played in a steel drum band. That's either ultra dorky or ultra cool, not sure which.

We took a trip to Baltimore to play at a music educators convention and of course, played with another school out there. Their director was a little more, ahem, hip, than our director. He arranged Ants Marching for them and it was probably the coolest thing I had ever heard in my 15 years. We all bugged Mr. S to ask for the arrangement so we could play it too, but he just smiled and grumbled. His idea of a "pop" song for us was Enya, and that was because his wife liked it. Not quite the same.

So yes, my band/music dorkiness runs deep. And now I'm passing it on. I put on Live at Luther College for Nathaniel while we played games the other day and he declared with every track, "Oh Mommy, that a good song. I like that song," and did his little 3 yr old white boy dance.

With us as parents, poor kid doesn't stand a chance.

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