Thursday, August 12, 2010

In case I wasn't crazy enough...

For the rest of this month, I am gonna be off. I have just enough Type A personality in me that I like a predictable schedule. Throw too many surprises at me and I don't know up from down.

The powers that be at the hubby's work have decided to run three shifts to meet a deadline. That means that my nice, predictable daytime schedule will be in the crapper. Today and tomorrow, he's on 4 to midnight. Next week it's all third shift.

Yes. I said THIRD SHIFT.

Which means that he will be getting home and ready for bed right when Thing 1 and Thing 2 wake up and start making noise. If you've ever tried to have a phone conversation with me during the day, well, chances are you haven't because it's usually cranked to 11 in here. I don't like to subject too many people to that.

This is the guy who can't go back to sleep once he is up and doesn't nap. Ya, this is gonna be great.

Kids get cranky when he's gone for too long. Heck they get cranky some normal days when he's not home when they think he should be. I'm Mom. I am only entertaining for so long.

I predict 4 cranky people living here and PB&J for dinner. Should make it interesting. Not that it was ever dull.

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