Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back on the bookwagon

Surprise, surprise, as a mom I don't have a whole lot of "free" time. What little I have, I waste hours on the computer or mindlessly watching TV. I lost the ability to pay attention to a book for more than a page or two.

For me, that is beyond depressing. Pre-kids, I was a bookaholic. The hubby threatened to put me on a book diet because we were running out of space for all my treasures. The built-in bookcases he put in the basement have 30+ shelves. My perfect job would be one where I could sit and read books all day.

You get the idea.

So now, I am happy to say I am back to carrying a book with me thru the house in case the kids decide to play nicely for a few minutes and don't demand my attention. I'm not sure what changed. I'm sure it helps that I broke the lousy habit of picking up what would turn out to be not-so-good books. Credit can go to Bethany for that one, since she let me borrow "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. I couldn't put it down. I finished all 464 pages in a few days, staying up well past my bedtime each night.

I've since devoured a few more books and I'm back to impulse buying books when I'm out with the kids. It may not help the budget but I certainly feel better!

So if you're looking for me this afternoon while my kids are quiet, you'll find me curled up with a book. I haven't finished one in a whole day and a half.

"Satellite" from Under the Table & Dreaming

Winter's cold spring erases
And the calm away by the storm is chasing
Everything good needs replacing

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  1. Since I've been such a terrible influence on other things - I'll happily take the credit for starting your book addiction again. :-)