Sunday, August 1, 2010

To goatee or not to goatee

My hubby is growing a goatee.

This is a problem. I have very strong feelings about facial hair, and none of them are good.

(Disclaimer - to any of my friends who have facial hair, I still love you. I'd just love you more if you shaved.)

Once upon a time, when hubby and I were dating, I studied abroad for a semester and left him at home, pining away. He used the opportunity for a trial separation from his razor.

Who did he need to impress while I was gone?

The problem was that at the ripe old age of 19, there were a few spots where hair just refused to grow. After about a month, I got a desperate email from my roommate, begging me to tell him to shave.

I did. And he did.

Since then he has been good, albeit shaving as little as possible. Most people don't notice until it's been a few days. But I notice.

Then a mutual friend decided to let a beard grow while his wife was out of town. The wife came back and was OK with the experiment (at least for now) and I think that's what planted the seed in the hubby's brain.

Sure enough, yesterday morning he came downstairs nicely showered and clean-shaven... EXCEPT for his chin. I gave him a look, but it didn't have the desired effect. He did NOT turn around and go back upstairs to fix the spot he OBVIOUSLY missed. He laughed and went about his day. Anytime I would try the look again, that's all he would do. Laugh.

So now, no matter what he ACTUALLY thinks of this hairy experiment, he will keep it around to irk me. And to prove to all of those friends that after 10 years, he can in fact grow facial hair.

At least he still can't grow a mustache.

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