Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday rant

I was all ready to get on here and recant my whining from yesterday. I know I'm lucky that a) my hubby is employed and b) his job doesn't send him away for more than 8 hours at a time.

But then I had my Friday.

I get cranky on Fridays. The kids and I are tired of each other and our wonderful routine and ready for something "different." That is normally playdate morning, but this time we headed to the zoo in 95-degree heat with one of my best friends.

Sweating aside, it was an awesome day. The kids (ages 6, 4, 3, 19 mo and 18 mo) were great and we had them so worn out there were no protests when we left. I'm going to spend time later editing and posting some great photos.

It all started to unravel when I had to stop at the store for unsweetened, sliced, strawberries, which apparently 2 of our local stores don't carry anymore. Couldn't wait for the hubby to get home (ala yesterday's rant), so off we went. The wailing started as soon as I said no to the car cart, continued through the freezer section, in line, in the parking lot and halfway home. Came home to: a dishwasher needing emptied, a sink full of dishes, and the leftovers I thought I could heat quickly for the kids' dinner were eaten.

While I was processing all that, meltdown #2 started. Nathaniel peed on himself and the rug in front of the toilet. I told him to strip and go upstairs for a bath, which both my sweatballs needed anyway. More wailing. Didn't stop until he was hosed down, sent to his room with a towel and clothes, his sister was bathed, dressed and downstairs waiting for her dinner (which was mini pizzas on leftover hamburger buns).

Man was I really wishing for a call to the bullpen right about 5:30. But my relief was only an hour and a half into his 8-hour shift at work. Sigh. And really, the crazy moment didn't last that long. But it was another time where I wondered if it was all as stressful as my brain made it out to be. Did we survive? Yeah. Did my kids end up calming down (mostly)? Yeah. Did they ask to go to bed early? Actually yes. But that was an hour ago and I still hear Nathaniel on his train table and Leah pounded on her door about 10 minutes ago.

Oh yeah and then I dropped the start of the dessert that I needed the strawberries for as it was coming out of the oven. And we're out of pretzels. The substitutes should get here around 1 a.m.

No way I'm waiting up for that. That can be the start of my Saturday rant. :-)

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