Saturday, August 21, 2010

A little chafing?

You would think that after 3 years, 8.5 months of parenting, I would know that days never unfold the way I think they will. Or should.

Final morning of letting the hubby sleep and of course, it rains. Smart mommy that I am, I called my bestie and we trekked to the bounce house with our brood. Get 'em good and tired, come home for lunch and naps. Right?

Well, kinda.

The tired part DEFINITELY worked. My daredevil princess was jumping and climbing with the big kids. The area for kids 5 and under only (ya right, I seemed to be the only mom able to READ that sign) was too dull for her. As a result, she started sniffing and rubbing her nose and eyes after an hour. Big brother had about 20 more minutes of bouncing in him and then HE asked to go home.

Awesome, right?


They came home tired and hungry. That meant an outburst over nothing that was loud enough to wake Daddy, who had opted for an actual bed instead of the futon in the basement. Well lunch would help, right?


I fought with Nathaniel for 30 minutes before he finally stopped howling and fell asleep. When I peeked into Leah's room, she was curled up on her pillow, seemingly moments from slumber.

Whether his howling woke her or she did it herself, Leah was pounding on her door and hollering for Momma 20 min later. When I walked in, I smelled diaper cream. Never good. She had pulled the basket of diapers off the bookshelf, found the tube of A&D ointment and began liberally applying it EVERYWHERE, but mostly where it should go, near her butt. Fabulous.

I did a quick wipedown to get the first layer of grease off, changed her onesie, and tried to put her back to bed. I don't know why I do that. It's a lost cause.

So now she has been bathed but is still a little greasy and definitely very tired. I'm buying 45 more minutes of "quiet" with a Sesame Street movie, but she's never been known to just lay on the couch and veg.

I really hope she grows into that.

In the meantime, I'm hiding the diaper cream.

It's crazy, I'm thinking
Just as long as you're around
And here I'll be dancing on the ground
Am I right side up or upside down
To each other we'll be facing
By love we'll beat back the pain we've found

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