Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Garden dinner

Quite proud of dinner last night. It was healthy and most of it came straight from our garden!

Kids haven't been keeping up with eating all the cherry tomatoes, so I roasted 40 of them in the oven for about 30 min with a little EVOO, salt and sugar (yes, I totally just used a Rachael Ray reference. It's in the dictionary. I'm allowed). Let them cool a bit, then threw them in a covered bowl in the fridge until I was ready for dinner.

Once dinner time rolled around, I sauted garlic in EVOO and then added the tomatoes and some fresh chopped basil. Once it was heated through and the tomatoes were good and smooshed, I tossed it with some whole grain pasta and voila! Dinner. Leah ate most of hers (she still has trouble slurping) and Nathaniel asked for seconds.

Culinary success!

I copied the recipe from this web site, substituting basil for fresh oregano, since I had that on hand.

Now if only I could use cucumbers like that....

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