Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beginning the Sunday ritual

It's Sunday night and I am on the couch watching football. All is right with the world.

Football season is my favorite time of year. You can take the girl out of Pittsburgh, but you can't take the Pittsburgh out of the girl. In Western PA, we eat, sleep and breathe football.

You may have heard of a few players from my neck of the woods.

Dan Marino?

Joe Montana?

Johnny Unitas?

Joe Namath?

Jim Kelly?

And those are just the quarterbacks.

I never went to a single, solitary basketball game in high school. You couldn't have pried me out of the freezing cold stadium when my Prexies took the field, marching band or not. Our conference championship was at Three Rivers Stadium, and I got the chance to march there twice. I never went to a Steelers game there, but you better believe a game at Heinz Field is on my bucket list.

I don't mind cheering for the Colts, a) to keep the hubby happy and b) as long as they aren't playing the Steelers. But when it comes time to dress the kids on Sunday, if I'm in charge, they're in black and gold. They can wear Colts gear on Wednesdays.

Here they are last year at the start of the season.

I need some black tape to cover up the name and number on my jersey (ahem, a certain QB under suspension), but my aunt put the kids' new gear in the mail yesterday. Only a few minutes into our last phone conversation, she asked me what sizes the kids are in. I'm thinking she wants to start the holiday shopping early.

"Oh we need to get rid of those jerseys," she said. "I can't have them wearing them. The media here is all 'Oh we love him,' but I'm not buying it. He's a pig."

That's my aunt. She's awesome.

The only downside is being out here, I only get to watch a few games a year. The first year we had satellite, we got a crazy deal on Sunday ticket. It's probably better that it's so darn expensive, because I would never leave our basement on Sundays. Steelers? Colts? I don't care, I'll watch anybody.

And I was cheering along with these three before the Super Bowl. Obviously no one in this house was cheering for very long once the game started.

From the way things are looking now, I can't imagine we'll be wearing black and gold into February. Stranger things have happened, though.

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